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Our Services to the Science and Medical World, because we always think of science, we have developed a variety of services and products that is suitable for all types of individuals related to the healthcare and science industry. Whether you are a student, scholar, doctor or a scientist. We hope our products to be of your service and serve you to be better in every possible aspect. We are also dedicated to always improving and developing new ideas and products to serve the science and the world in a better way.

Medical Journals

Peer-reviewed and published quarterly, is widely considered the world's leading service research journal.

Online Tutoring Platforms

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Medical Research Writing Services

Open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


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Future Doctore

Future Doctore

Future Doctors are the official medical research office responsible for providing all our journals language editing and proofreading services

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Better Mentors

Better Mentors

Better Mentors is a unique platform that is under development, where it will serve and help in providing online tutoring services

Journal of Healthcare Sciences (JOHS)

Journal of Healthcare Sciences (JOHS)

Journal of Healthcare Sciences (JOHS) is a Saudi medical and healthcare journal registered and owned by (Research Establishment for Electronic Publication) and certified by the Ministry of Commerce with CR: 4030389186 as well as the Ministry of Media with license number: 467994 Certificate link

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Devotion Medical Supplier

Devotion Medical Supplier

The medical field is a very demanding field where it requires efficiency, professionalism and dedication to provide the patient the necessary treatment and care needed to improve the outcome as much as possible.

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Onn med is on its way to build and publish a large variety of journals that serve the medical world by providing open access journals and better peer review system. Feel free to explore our launched journals and stay tuned for the publishing of other journals in the future to reach a goal of 20 journals by the end of 2021.

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